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The UX of Animation

We’re in a period of the web where people are often using animations on sites because they can rather than because they add something to the user experience.

I was delighted to see this example of animation done right from ReadMe. It’s fun, playful, and informative.

When the password field is active, the owl covers his eyes

I could also see something like this being conditionally activated when using a script that lets users show or hide their password.

Animation is easy. Good animation is hard.

At Artifact Providence this year, I had the pleasure of seeing Val Head speak about how to design animation awesomeness. If this is something you’re interested, you should definitely give her presentation a look.

You might also enjoy The Illusion of Life, a short video from illustrator Cento Lodigiani that visualizes animation concepts from the 1981 book of the same name. (The video itself was originally attributed to Disney Studios. Cheers to an anonymous commenter on the correction.)

Hat tip to Thomas Byttebier.