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Your Press Release Sucks

I get at least a couple of crappy press releases about stuff I don’t care about a week. Just because I list my email address on this site doesn’t mean you have my permission to spam me with irrelevant stuff.

Accordingly, I found this post from Andy Sernovitz at Damn, I Wish I Thought of That particularly relevant…

Q. How do we STOP a blogger from writing about us? A. Send them a canned pitch from your PR firm. These pitches are awful, off-topic, and off-putting. They also all look the same. Why would a blogger write a post being pushed by some junior PR rep? Every other blog is going to have the identical post. These pitches are instant turn-offs to bloggers. We get them every day. And we never write about these companies again. When tracking the effectiveness of your blogger outreach campaigns, I know you track how many posts were written. But do you track how many bloggers you turned into enemies? (I bet your agency doesn’t send you that stat.)

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