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You Must Be This Tall

Rocky Point was the place to go when I was a kid. Created by Captain William Winslow in the 1840s on the coast of Rhode Island, Rocky Point eventually grew into a thriving amusement park and food hall.

I can remember taking boat rides there as a kid just for the chowder and clam cakes.

You Must Be This Tall, by director David Bettencourt, is the award-winning story of Rocky Point as told by the people who were there. Something I learned: the first phone call by a president was made from Rocky Point by Rutherford Hayes.

Sadly, Rocky Point closed its doors in 1995 after years of financial mismanagement by its shareholders (source: Wikpedia). The rides were auctioned off, some of them finding homes in other parks, and the park fell into disrepair.

The land was originally planned to be turned into condos, but I just learned that it has instead been turned back into a state park. Sadly, the decaying park still stands, fenced off from the public.

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