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You don't need to know everything

Yesterday, Patrick McKenzie tweeted:

Periodic observation for the benefit of junior developers: You do not have to be embarrassed about not knowing a particular bit of syntax or API. Googling things efficiently is a core job skill.

~15 years in I’ll still look up “append to array javascript.”

I agree, 100%.

You don’t need to you can’t know everything. Being a great developer isn’t about knowing all the answers. It’s about knowing how to find them.

Even if you did know all the things, it wouldn’t matter. Being a successful developer is really about knowing when and how to use various JavaScript methods and browser APIs.

My one big goal with the Vanilla JS Academy is to teach you to think in JavaScript.

You won’t go from beginner to senior developer in just six weeks, but I want you to be able to approach any JavaScript problem that’s thrown at you feeling confident that you can solve it.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have all the answers or know everything. Even the most seasoned developers aren’t that good.

Instead, I want you to feel like you have the skills to find answers and create solutions to interesting challenges.