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WordPress like a VIP

Steph Yiu of the WordPress VIP team at Automattic gave an amazing talk this week on how to do WordPress like a VIP.

I don’t use many plugins, but there’s definitely a few Steph mentioned that I’ve bookmarked for use in future client projects:

  • Edit Flow. A calendar, custom statuses, editorial comments, user groups and more.
  • WP Help. Create detailed, hierarchical documentation for the site’s authors, editors, and contributors, viewable in the WordPress admin.
  • Advanced Custom Fields. I’ve always created custom fields manually, but this looks like a much easier way to do things.
  • Live Blog. Does exactly what it sounds like.
  • Safe Redirect Manager. Makes WordPress redirects easy.
  • JetPack. Brings features to self-hosted sites.

Steph also mentions I talk I gave on web performance in the Q&A section. Check out Wicked Fast WordPress for more.

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