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WordPress for Web Apps, version 2

When I built JetPack last year, I used WordPress to handle the user and content management so I could focus on building a great experience. Right now, I’m working on another app - a scavenger hunt for new hires - and I’m using WordPress again.

As part of my new project, I’ve rebuilt my WordPress for Web Apps toolkit from the ground up. WordPress for Web Apps is a collection of functions, templates and plugins that transform WordPress into a web app engine. It comes with the essential components you need to power your web app with WordPress:

  • A login form.
  • A sign-up form.
  • A password reset form.
  • A password change form.
  • Templates for content that can only be viewed while logged in (or logged out).
  • A customized registration email.
  • A disabled admin bar for all users.
  • No access to the back-end for anyone except admins.
  • User-specific navigation.
  • A logout link.

Download it on GitHub