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Why some people don’t get social

Yesterday Jason Seiden wrote a blog post titled, Why Some People Don’t Get Social.

Jason attributes people’s lack of involvement in social media mostly to fear and discomfort with this new medium. I’m not sure I agree.

In my response to his post, a few things kept coming up over and over again:

  1. This isn’t new. Humans are by their very nature social. Social media just provides an easier way to scale conversation and connect with new people. And the technology doesn’t always align with the scale or division of human connection that we’ve evolved to cope with.
  2. People need to derive real value from it. There’s a big push among social media proponents for social media for social media sake. I don’t think that’s wise. Steve Jobs doesn’t tweet. He hangs out with his real-life friends the old fashioned way, and helps make awesome products at one of the world’s most successful tech firms. Does he really need social media?

Whatever your leanings on social media, it’s a thought-provoking post. Head over and join the discussion.