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Why “fun” workplaces are actually bullshit (and other career advice)

As an industry, we spend a lot of time talking about the innovative CSS techniques, the latest JavaScript frameworks, and new HTML elements.

We also spend a fair bit of time talking about freelancing, how to market our services, interact with clients, and price our work.

We don’t spend a lot of time talking about being employed.

We don’t talk about how to write a resume.

No one ever tells you how to answer the question, “So, what are you making now?” (Don’t. It’s trap designed to screw you out of money when it comes time to negotiate salary.)

We don’t talk about how “fun” workplaces are complete bullshit, stock options are worse than lottery tickets, or how on earth to have a 5-year plan in an industry that changes every week.

This stuff is insanely important, but we never talk about it. I want to change that.

Before I was a web developer, I was an HR guy.

I used to teach engineers and developers how to find new jobs and grow their careers. A few years ago, I used my own advice to change careers, become a front-end developer, and grow my salary by 44.8%.

I want to share my inside knowledge on how to hack the hiring process and grow your career.

I’m putting together a bunch of cool resources for you, including…

  • How to write resumes that actually get seen by a real human.
  • How to shortcut the job board/resume process altogether.
  • Why “fun” workplaces are actually bullshit.
  • How to kick-ass at your next job interview.
  • How to keep up professionally when it feels like the entire industry changes every week.
  • Why 5 year plans are a waste of time.
  • How to deal with salary negotiation awkwardness and get paid what you deserve.

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