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Which CSS framework should I use?

I’ve been ragging on Tailwind a lot lately (because it’s terrible).

One of the natural follow-up questions I get is…

Which CSS framework do you like?

I tend to dislike frameworks of all varieties, because they typically include lots of code I don’t need.

I have a small CSS boilerplate called Kraken that’s the foundation for all of my personal websites, plus the ones I build for clients when they’re “from scratch.”

Bootstrap is, in my opinion, “better” than Tailwind because at the very least it works with the grain of the web. Where Tailwind’s whole ethos is that the cascade is a bug, Bootstrap at least embraces the C in CSS.

However, it’s still a lot of code, most of which I don’t ever need or use.

As a general rule, I prefer boilerplates over frameworks, because they start with some basics and let you layer in selectively over time.