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Web 3.0: Humans Strike Back

David Pell on social media, email, and the future of the web

The inundation of news, tweets, and status updates has left people feeling overwhelmed. Email is a tried and true, old school way to communicate with people…

People need some kind of algorithm to help them cut through the clutter… The next iteration of the web is going to be all about humans filtering information for each other. “Web 3.0: The Humans Strike Back.” You just need to make sure you end up following the humans who will lead you to places where you want to be.

I think we’re already seeing the beginning of this. Some of my more social-savvy friends are shocked that I follow fewer than 50 people on Twitter, but I get a high quality information and conversation from those folks. I don’t feel like I’m alway struggling to catch up with the day’s tweets. It’s a more meaningful way to experience the web.

The Humans Strike Back. I’m looking forward to that.

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