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Using VoiceOver on macOS for testing

A few months back, Scott Vandehey over at CloudFlour published a great article on Mac VoiceOver testing the simple way.

Learning VoiceOver can feel overwhelming, so I’m here to give you a simple, repeatable process you can follow to make testing with VO as easy as possible…

I’m going to give you what I would have benefited from: An easy-to-follow, repeatable guide to make testing with VoiceOver on a Mac as simple as possible.

This quick testing strategy won’t cover every detail of accessibility testing, and may not match how real users interact with your site. But it should be enough to help you get started, and become familiar with the basics. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become, and the easier it will be to notice bugs and awkward experiences.

If you’ve ever found screen readers, or accessibility testing in general, challenging, this is a great read!