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Using array methods with NodeLists in vanilla JS

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The querySelectorAll() method is awesome, and makes it really easy to find all matching elements. And modern array methods like map() and filter() are super powerful.

Unfortunately, querySelectorAll() returns a NodeList, not an array, so those methods won’t work with it.

// Get all wizards
var wizards = document.querySelector('[data-wizard]');

// Filter out Harry Potter
// NOTE: This WILL NOT work
var noHarry = wizards.filter(function (wizard) {
	return wizard.getAttribute('[data-wizard]') !== 'Harry Potter';

There are two quick ways to fix that. Both involve converting your NodeList into an array.


The Array.from() method converts an array-like object into an actual array.

// Get all wizards as an array
var wizards = Array.from(document.querySelector('[data-wizard]'));

This works in all modern browsers, included Edge, but not IE. You can fix that with a polyfill.

If you don’t want to use a polyfill, you can use the call() method to apply the Array.slice() method—which creates a new array from an existing one—to a non-array.

// Get all wizards as an array
var wizards ='[data-wizard]'));

This works back to at least IE6.