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Render a country’s flag emoji from its two-letter country code.

Source Code


Include the <flag-emoji> element in your HTML. Add a [code] attribute with the two-letter country code of the flag to display as its value.

<!-- United States -->
<flag-emoji code="us"></flag-emoji>

<!-- Japan -->
<flag-emoji code="jp"></flag-emoji>

<!-- Mexico -->
<flag-emoji code="mx"></flag-emoji>

The Web Component

customElements.define('flag-emoji', class extends HTMLElement {

     * Create a new instance
    constructor () {
        this.textContent = this.getFlagEmoji(this.getAttribute('code'));

     * Get the flag emoji for the country
     * @link
     * @param  {String} countryCode The country code
     * @return {String}             The flag emoji
    getFlagEmoji (countryCode) {
        let codePoints = countryCode.toUpperCase().split('').map(char =>  127397 + char.charCodeAt());
        return String.fromCodePoint(...codePoints);


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