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This and that

One of the most common questions I get from people is why I use [some older technique or tool] over [some newer technique or tool].

  • Why do you use Gulp instead of Webpack?
  • Why do you use XHR instead of Fetch?
  • Why do you use var instead of let and cont?

The technologies, tools, and techniques don’t matter. The answer is always the same.

Because it does what I need and I already know how to use it.

Why would I bother learning (and switching to) a new tool or approach when the one I already use addresses my needs? Why spend the time learning something new, fumbling through bad documentation, and introducing new bugs into my code, when I already have a functioning, working solution?

We as an industry are obsessed with “new and shiny.” It’s part of what makes it interesting and exciting. But it’s also what leads to fatigue and burnout.

If you enjoy experimenting with new tools and techniques, awesome! Go for it.

But me, personally? I’ll choose the technology I already know and can implement right now every single time. I switch when the benefits of the new thing outweigh the effort of learning something new.