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The vanilla JavaScript almost summer sale 2022

This week, we’re going to dig into some cool stuff you can do with numbers and strings. But… the weather’s been really nice where I am, so I decided to run a surprise “almost summer sale.”

Today through the weekend, you can take 30 percent off all of my courses, ebooks, and bundles with the code ALMOSTSUMMER at checkout.

Here’s the thing, though: if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re headed into winter. Almost summer? That’s awkward!

Have I got just the thing the for you! You can use the code ALMOSTWINTER to get that same 30 percent off, without feeling weird about it.

Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at some cool newer things you can do with strings and numbers using JavaScript. But if you’ve wanted to purchase one of my courses, now’s a great time to do it and save a bunch of money.