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The styleguide you pick doesn't really matter

A few days ago, one of my students was evaluating the differing decisions and choices made around code structure and organization in a few popular coding styleguides.

Should you use underscores or dashes in file names? camelCase or snake_case or kebab-case? What’s the right way to structure your file directories? Function declarations or function expressions?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

The most important thing about any styleguide is not the specific choices, but consistency in implementing them. One approach to naming things or declaring functions is not inherently better than another other.

The benefit styleguides bring is in the predictability from project to project and developer to developer that you get from that consistency.

Pick the approach that feels more comfortable and natural to you (and, if you’re working with a team, the rest of the team), document it, and then get on with writing your code.