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The rise of positive hip-hop

A few weeks ago, I found myself frustrated with the current state of hip-hop. The stuff that’s “good,” for lack of a better word, is hyper-focused on subject matter that’s frankly not something I can relate to.

But positive hip-hop is typically really corny. Bad beats. Terrible flows. Awful lyrics.

But, as if it read my mind, iTunes Radio delivered.

My Favorites

One random day the other week, the iTunes Radio Top 100 Hip-Hop station started playing a bunch of song by artists who are Christian, but aren’t Christian rappers. They just make good, positive music.

Some folks you should check out…


The day this stuff started showing up in iTunes Radio, I heard four of this dude’s songs in a row. I’m even hearing him on the Heat on XM Radio.

All I Need Is You is my favorite so far. If you like it, you should also check out I’m Turnt and Say I Won’t.


If you’re looking to hyped up, you can’t go wrong with Dum Dum.

Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo is from NYC, so his stuff has a more gritty sound than the other guys I’ve mentioned. I got hooked on You Can’t Stop Me, but right now AYO! is my jam.

Trip Lee

Trip Lee is definitely the most overtly Christian of the bunch, and that’s not for everyone. Some of his songs are a bit too much for me. But Insomniac is pretty awesome.