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The New Hotness

"WordPress is crap. Use a static HTML templating tool like Jekyll." "CSS is crap. Use Sass." "CodeKit is crap. Use Grunt." "Grunt is crap. Use Gulp."

And this is all in the span of 12 months.

I'm done with your new hotness

There are definitely some tools that make big leaps forward. And of course there’s a learning curve associated with that change.

But this trend of “last week’s new hotness is old so check out this week’s new hotness because ZOMG it’s a billion times better” is tiring. And worse than that, it gets in the way of actually making things that matter.

There’s nothing wrong with tools that help you work better and faster, but let’s not let it get in the way of how and why we build for the web.

A "good enough" workflow

I use Sass and CodeKit. I use Sublime Text (though there are plenty of good text editors on the market). I use WordPress.

There are other tools that would work just as well. And for a team setup, something like Grunt or Gulp probably would work better than CodeKit.

But for the work that I do, those tools are good enough.