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The Hugo Starter Kit

I am a huge fan of static website generators, and Hugo in particular.

A handful of people I know have tried to use them and gotten stuck, in large part because the documentation assumes people have a level of technical comfort that they might not.

The way I learned was by following Hugo’s Quick Start guide, and then ripping apart the theme and config file until I figured things out.

I don’t want you to have to struggle like that.

To make things easier for people who want to learn, I just released the Hugo Starter Kit. It’s a barebones starter project and theme for learning Hugo.


  • Archetypes for blog articles and default pages.
  • Templates for blog articles and default pages.
  • Shortcodes for the current year and markdown inside HTML.
  • A custom RSS feed that fixes some of the issues with the default Hugo provides.
  • A custom 404 page for easier error page styling.
  • Sample .active classes on links to the current page/section in the navigation menus.
  • An automatically updating copyright date in the footer.
  • A skip navigation link in the header.

Not Included:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Support of any kind

Sound interesting? Check it out on GitHub.