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The HTMLElement.dataset property in vanilla JavaScript

A few weeks ago, I wrote about what you can do with data attributes in JavaScript.

The focus was on different strategies for using data attributes, rather than how to get and set them, but I had a lot of folks write to me asking why I didn’t talk about the HTMLElement.dataset property.

So, let’s talk about that today!

What the HTMLElement.dataset property does

The HTMLElement.dataset property provides a quick-and-easy way to get and set data attributes on elements.

The dataset property returns a DOMStringMap of key/value pairs. Each key is the data attribute name without the leading data-, and the value is the value of the attribute.

For example, imagine you have an element like this…

<button data-sandwich="tuna" data-topping="tomato" data-snack="cookies">Place Order</button>

You can get all of the data attributes on that element in one go using the dataset property, like this…

let btn = document.querySelector('button');

// returns {sandwich: tuna, topping: tomato, snack: cookies}
let atts = btn.dataset;

You can also get individual data attributes using dot notation on the dataset property, like this…

let sandwich = btn.dataset.sandwich;

And you can pair it with object destructuring to set variables…

let {topping, snack} = btn.dataset;

You can also set individual data attributes using dot notation.

btn.dataset.side = 'chips';

Here’s a demo.

Why I don’t usually write about this

I tend to use the Element.*Attribute() methods (get, set, etc.) a lot more than dataset, for a few reasons…

  1. Muscle memory. I’ve been using them longer, so they fly off my fingers faster and easier.
  2. The HTMLElement.dataset property only works with data attributes, whereas getAttribute() and so on work with any attribute. This reinforces point one about muscle memory.
  3. Cognitive overhead. Because the dataset property drops the leading data- (which I know is a feature), it introduces more cognitive load on my ADHD brain. As a result, I’m more prone to typing properties wrong when using it.

This is 100% a personal preference thing, though. If you like the dataset property, definitely use it!