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The front-end web dev toolkit

This week, I launched a new feature on my website: the front-end web dev toolkit.

This is collection of boilerplates, helper functions, and libraries you can copy/paste to make building a simpler, more resilient web a bit easier. It includes…

  • Boilerplates. A collection of templates to help you kick-start your next JavaScript project.
  • Web Components. My personal library of Web Components that you can use to progressively enhance native HTML with custom elements.
  • Helper Functions. Make complicated or repetitive tasks a bit easier, and keep your code DRY.
  • Libraries & Tools. Hand-selected libraries that I have used or would actually use on a project.

My mission is to help people build a simpler, faster web.

Along with the new toolkit, I’m also planning to expand the focus of my podcast and do more consulting. I’m also planning a series of new courses.

While vanilla JavaScript is part of that, it’s just one-third of the front-end stack.

If there’s something web dev related that you’d like to learn about, I’d love to hear from you!