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The Doing Daily Podcast

The reason my Daily Developer Tips newsletter exists at all is because Jonathan Stark and Philip Morgan repeatedly insisted I should in Jonathan’s business coaching Slack until I finally relented and agreed to try it for a month.

It was hands-down the single most impactful thing I’ve ever done for my business, and I’m so grateful that Jonathan and Philip wouldn’t stop nagging me about it!

My newsletter is my primary only sales channel.

When I started writing daily, I had a weekly “wrap-up” style newsletter with 38 subscribers that hadn’t grown in months. After four weeks of daily writing, I’d hit 100 subscribers. After a year, I reached 1,000 subscribers. By the end of year two, I’d hit 3,000 subscribers.

Today, nearly 14,000 people read my emails each weekday, and my education business generates enough money that I was able to quit my day job early this year to do it full time.

So when Jonathan asked if I wanted to jump on a podcast with him to chat about what that transition was like, how it works, and why I’m still doing it, I couldn’t wait!

Doing Daily is a new podcast mini-series where Jonathan Stark interviews folks at various stages of writing a daily newsletter to talk about their process, hurdles, and lessons learned.

Definitely check out the whole series, but you can listen to my interview with Jonathan here.