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The Cycle of Love

If you live in the US, you’ve probably seen that new Verizon commercial where the guy rides his bike around San Francisco in the shape of a heart, tracks it with a smartphone app, and sends the resulting image to his girlfriend.

Turns out, that’s a true story, and the guy in the ad is actually the guy who did it. From NPR…

Last year, Payam Rajabi got a new job and had to leave Toronto and his girlfriend, Clare, and move to San Francisco. All that left him feeling a little down — until he came up with his upsy, downsy valentine idea.

He jumped on his bike, opened his iPhone to a map of San Francisco, and tracking himself with a GPS, he rode 27 miles around the city, taking 2 ½ hours, burning 1,135 calories and carefully etching a heart shape onto a city map … like this … all for Clare.

Screenshot of bike route in the shape of a heart

I find it interesting that Payam used his iPhone, but the commercial is for a Droid.

Image by Payam Rajabi