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The [Company Name] Way

The Harvard Business Review posted a great article on how HP lost its way last month. From the article…

What's important about HP is what it says about how hard it is for any organization to maintain its leadership position from one generation of technology and markets and culture to the next. It's virtually impossible to do so without leaders who are committed to an enduring set of values, even as they are prepared to question a wide range of business practices. HP hasn't just lost its way in the marketplace. It has lost the "HP Way" — the values and behaviors and principles and commitments that made it more than just another company, but a beloved icon and institution.

The [Company Name] Way isn’t just why HP isn’t HP anymore.

It’s why companies that make devices that look like iPods and iPads will never be as good as Apple. It’s why having costume parities and quirky interview questions will never make your culture as awesome as Zappos’. It’s why free food and 20-percent time won’t make your engineers as innovative as Google’s.

The [Company Name] Way is what makes Apple Apple, Zappos Zappos, and Google Google. What’s your organization’s way? Do you have one?