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The CHRIS stack

Yesterday, Stefan Natter tweeted:

The STEFAN stack:

S πŸ‘‰ styled-components
T πŸ‘‰ Typescript
E πŸ‘‰ ESLint
F πŸ‘‰ Full Stack
A πŸ‘‰ Apollo
N πŸ‘‰ NodeJS

What’s your stack?

For some reason, I enjoy this kind of thing a lot. Here’s the CHRIS stack.

C πŸ‘‰ CSS
R πŸ‘‰ Really small amounts of JS
I πŸ‘‰ I can’t stress enough, almost no JS
S πŸ‘‰ Seriously, use less JS

It’s always weird a JS educator to advocate against using JavaScript. But generally speaking, JS is the salt on a website. A little bit is good. A lot ruins the whole dish.

So much of what we use JS for today would be better handled with HTML and CSS. It would be more performant, more resilient, and easier to maintain.

Let’s make 2021 the year we shift back to mostly static HTML, some CSS, and a dash of JavaScript for flavor.