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The best solution to every programming challenge you come across!

OOP versus functional programming. Utility classes versus BEM versus component styles. JavaScript versus CSS. Node versus PHP.

There’s always going to be a thought leader telling you that their favorite tool or approach is The Best™. In reality, lots of tools are great and perfectly suited for certain challenges, but terrible for others.

You become a much better programmer when you recognize that…

  1. Personal preferences are not facts.
  2. The best tool for most situations isn’t the best solution for all of them.

If you want to learn a range of different approaches to programming, and how to choose which one to use for any particular problem, I think you’ll love my Vanilla JS Academy.

Every other day, you get to work on a fun project, learn from others, and get help whenever you get stuck. Registration opens today, and this week only, you can join for 40 percent off. Click here to learn more!