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The best of YouTube

In my article on Ditching Cable, I mentioned that I watch a lot of geeky, high-quality original programming on YouTube.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorites…

Things You Might Not Know

Tom Scott produces an absurd amount of video explaining cool things you might not know from various places around the world. His videos are short, engaging, and super interesting.


Vox is a professional media organization, with a staff of amazingly talented journalists who cover everything from politics to pop culture. Their videos are a mix of short explorations, interviews, and documentaries. I can’t recommend this channel enough!

CGP Grey

An American expat living in Britain, CGP Grey explains things in a fast, information dense, insanely entertaining style. This a quality over quantity channel. The volume is low, but the depth and quality are exceptional.

The Engineer Guy

Bill Hammack is the Engineer Guy, a professor at the University of Illinois who explains various marvels of engineering. If you like knowing how stuff works, this is the channel for you!


Know of a channel you think I’d enjoy that’s not on the list? Send me an email and let me know about it!