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The Lean Web

Over the last couple of years, front end development has gotten a lot more complicated. But there’s a simpler way! Let’s look at how to build engaging, modern websites and web apps without all of the cruft and bloat.




Front end development has gotten a lot more complicated. Preprocessors, package managers, command line tools, CSS-in-JS, the never-ending stream of JS Frameworks… it’s exhausting.

But there’s a simpler way!

In this talk, Chris explores how modern best practices are making it harder to build things for the web. You’ll learn new approaches and techniques that you can use to more easily build modern, engaging websites and web apps… without all of the cruft. All you need is a web browser and a text editor.


This is a developer-focused talk, appropriate for beginners through experts. While JavaScript is discussed, it should resonate strongly with CSS-and-HTML-only developers, too.

This talk explores:

  • Why many of today’s best practices exist.
  • How the explosive use of JavaScript has had a negative impact on web performance and the user experience.
  • Whether or not modern web development tools actually improve the developer experience.
  • Simpler and more performant alternatives to some of today’s more popular best practices.

Speaker Info

You can find a bio, high resolution photo, and more on my press page.