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Stuff I Learned This Year

A few weeks ago I launched JetPack, a project that started as a “what if” brainstorming session back in January.

As I was thinking about the project and the various things that went into it, I realized I learned how to do a lot of things this year. Between JetPack and a few side projects, here’s some of the stuff I’ve learned this year:

  • Mobile First
  • How to use icon fonts
  • HTML5 semantics
  • Javascript and jQuery
  • jQuery UI Drag & Drop and Sortables
  • PHP
  • How to write WordPress plugins
  • AJAX (sort of... I'm getting there)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • CSS3 gradients
  • Grid-based layouts
  • HTML5 video with flash fallback
  • Web accessibility
  • Typography-based web design
  • Browser caching
  • Performance optimized web images
  • Image sprites
  • SASS

This is such an exciting time to working on and with the web. I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next year.