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Spicy takes

Today, I wanted to share some spicy takes without much context.

Let’s dig in…

  • Tabs are superior to spaces in literally every way.
  • JavaScript is generally more readable with semicolons and curly brackets than without.
  • CSS and HTML are programming languages.
  • Type safety in JavaScript is an issue most developers don’t have, and the benefits of Typescript are generally overstated.
  • Gif is pronounced with a soft G (as in, Jif).
  • Pretty much every modern server-side rendering library (including Node.js) is just reinvented PHP, but worse.
  • A lot of modern tooling is actually worse for developer productivity, and the idea that it’s better is a lie we’ve all bought into.
  • No, seriously, its pronounced Jif.

If you want me to write articles expanding on any of these, send me an email and let me know.