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Special Discounts

Thanks for purchasing one of my vanilla JS learning products! Your purchase comes with bonus discounts to a handful of other great learning products for front end developers.

  • If you find terminal terrifying, check out Remy Sharp’s Terminal Training course. Save 30% off any package with the code GOMAKETHINGS.—expires January 1, 2018
  • Zac Gordon helps people learn how to use JavaScript with WordPress and the WP API. Take 20% off of his master course with the code FRIENDSOFCHRIS.
  • Want to increase your profits without working an insane number of hours? Get 30% off of Hourly Billing is Nuts with the code VANILLA.
  • Philip Morgan helps developers specialize their services, find better clients, and make more money. Get 20% off of any of his products or services with the code GOMAKETHINGS.
  • Finally wrap your head around D3 and SVG with Ben Clinkinbeard. Use the code GOMAKETHINGS to get 20% off any package.
  • Learn how to stay relevant, hack the hiring process, and make more money with the Web Developer Career Guide. Get it free with the code FREECAREER.
  • Learn how to speed up your slow WordPress site with Wicked Fast Websites. Get it for free with the code FREEFAST.
  • Refactor your body with a personalized training and nutrition plan from DevLifts. Get 25% off with GOMAKETHINGS.