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Some updates to the Vanilla JS Guides

When I first created my courses and ebooks on vanilla JS, most of what you did with JavaScript was basic DOM manipulation. Since then, the nature of front end web development has changed quite a bit.

Last week, I put together two new course bundles that reflect how the web has evolved over the last few years.

The Fundamentals Bundle covers…

  • DOM manipulation and injection
  • How to work with and manipulate data in the form of strings, numbers, arrays, and objects
  • Browser storage
  • How to work with APIs and asynchronous JavaScript.

The Level-Up Bundle includes courses on…

  • Writing libraries
  • ES modules
  • Service Workers
  • Web Components
  • State-based UI
  • Testing JavaScript

My previous collection of bundles had grown large and confusing.

Now, each bundle includes 7 courses or ebooks (or both), covers a clearly defined set of topics, and saves you 40% over buying each guide individually.