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Scroll-based storytelling

Just a quick shoutout to Scrollama, an MIT-licensed open source vanilla JS plugin (did I hit all the buzzwords?) for scroll-based storytelling.

Scrollama uses intersection observers to detect when points on a page enter and leave, and makes it easy to change content, trigger animations, and more. Here are some examples: basic, progress, and sticky.

Why do I like it?

  1. It’s vanilla.
  2. It provides old-school <script> tag instructions in addition to newer module-based loading techniques.
  3. It has some helpful demos and samples for getting started.
  4. It provides an API you can build on top of.

Browser Compatibility

Intersection observer doesn’t have great browser support yet.

It only works in the newest versions of most browsers, and has no IE support at all. Fortunately, Scrollama includes an Intersection Observer polyfill by default.

Check it out on GitHub!