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My Speaker Rider

I’m delighted that you want to invite me to speak at your event. I love talking with people about JavaScript and how to build a simpler, more resilient web.

Here is what you need to know before you send me your invitation.

Note: if you’re inviting me to come on your podcast, you can skip this. It’s specifically for conferences and corporate events.

Cost & Expenses

  • I require flight, ground transportation, and accommodation to be covered, as well as meals for the entire duration of the conference.

    • Flights, ground transportation and accommodation should be booked up front, not reimbursed. If I am booking my own flights, I expect to be reimbursed promptly, not after the event. Please note that I will not fly economy for long haul (more than 4 hours) flights.
    • Hotel rooms must be non-smoking, with good wifi, and have all room expenses including taxes and incidentals covered.
    • For meals & expenses, some conferences prefer to offer a daily per diem instead of collecting receipts for reimbursing expenses such as meals. This is my preference as well.
  • I usually charge a fee to speak. That fee may vary according to the ticket price. Unless otherwise agreed, I require the fee payment to be made in full at least two weeks ahead of the event.

    That being said, my fee is open to negotiation, especially for non-profit, community-driven events. If you would like me to create and deliver a new talk, then I expect to be paid for the time that goes into creating it. I also sometimes waive my fee for smaller events in exchange for covering one or two extra nights in the hotel. In the case I give a talk for free, the talk needs to be made available for free to everyone.

Stage & Tech Specs

  • For any group more than 25 people, I need a microphone. I prefer a lavalier, lapel, or headset over a handheld mic.
  • I’ll only present from my own laptop: a 14-inch 2021 MacBook Pro. My laptop supports both HDMI and Thunderbolt/USB-C outputs.
  • I use Keynote for my presentations, and bring my own presentation remote. My slide aspect ratio is 16:9. Please let me know if the projector requires different.
  • I’ll let you and your technical team know well in advance if my presentation includes any audio and will test the connection and volume at the technical check before my talk.
  • For MCs, I have provided a set of biographies that can be used to introduce me on stage in my press kit.
  • Unless mandatory, I skip on-stage Q&A after my talk. I’ll take any extra time you give me to present the talk itself. I am usually around for attendee questions off-stage after the talk.

Other Info

  • Biographies and photos for public use are provided in my press kit.
  • I will provide more information about my travel details and preferences, meal restrictions and preferences, and answers to other questions you may have in a separate email.

Sending your information

In order to help me prioritize a response to your email, please include “Invitation to Speak at…” in your email subject line, plus the following information in your invitation:

  • When and where is the event taking place?
  • Why are you inviting me to speak at the event?
  • What kind of audience will attend? (Mostly designers? developers? beginner, intermediate, advanced skill levels?) This helps me determine if my talk is a good fit for the audience, and it also allows me to tailor the talk to said audience better.
  • How many attendees are you expecting at the event?
  • What kind of talk topic you’d like me to give? Ideally you’d already have an idea.
  • Have you invited other speakers whose talk topics might overlap with mine?
  • How long is the speaking slot? 40–50 minutes is usually ideal.
  • How much does a ticket cost for attendees?

I have limited availability for speaking engagements, so the sooner you get in touch regarding your request, the better. Please send me an email if you would like to check availability.