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Returning an iPad (and why I love Apple)

Last month, my team ordered a new iPad for testing and experimenting with new learning tools. A few days later, Apple released the new new iPad.

Last week, more than a month after the new new iPad was announced, I went to the Apple store to exchange my new iPad for a new new one. We had ordered our iPad through a third-party vendor at a discount, and the store technically wasn’t even open for another half-hour.

I explained the situation to the store manager. He took care of it. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes, new new iPad in hand.

What would that have looked like at one of the big box electronic retailers? At another major computer vendor’s store? Moments like this are why I upgraded my Dell to a Macbook Pro two years ago. They’re why my current phone is another iPhone, and why my next phone probably will be, too.

Apple doesn’t always get everything right. No company does. But the customer experience just can’t be beat.