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Chris Ferdinandi’s Resume

Location: Greater Boston, MA   •

A front-end web developer specializing in fast, resilient websites and web apps that work on any device. Skills and experience include:

  • Mobile-First RWD
  • HTML and CSS
  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Unit Testing
  • Writing Documentation
  • Web Performance
  • Sass & SCSS
  • Gulp, Git, and Travis CI
  • WordPress and PHP
  • Education & Training

Go Make Things

I help people learn JavaScript with daily articles, pocket guides, courses, and mentoring program.

  • In 2017 I helped nearly 200,000 people learn JavaScript.
  • Through podcast appearances and talks I’ve helped evangelize a more resilient, inclusive approach to web development.
  • My open source projects have been used by some of the world’s leading organizations, including Apple, Harvard Business, and CNN.
Clarity. Brevity. Unpretentious explanation. Care for best practices. Obvious attentiveness. Available to help "unstuck" students. You actually rock, Chris.- Kabolobari Benakole


Mashery delivers world-class API management software for the world’s leading companies. I work with our clients to design and build developer portals and documentation that help people start using their APIs quickly and integrate strongly with their brand. Blackbeard is a front-end JavaScript framework that provides clients with incredible levels of control and flexibility over their documentation.

  • Used dozens of client conversations to inform key feature development, resulting in a robust set of strongly desired new features that our customers love.
  • Open sourced a collection of “starter templates” based on common design patterns and use cases, and turned them into a theme builder using the GitHub content API. This has helped customers who want to DIY build portals faster and easier so they can focus on running top-notch API programs.
  • Designed a robust JavaScript API that enables clients to build their own features and use their developer portal in new and interesting ways. Many of these innovations make their way back into the core code as new features.

PAWS New England

PAWS New England rescues abandoned and abused dogs and places them in safe and loving homes. I partnered with them to redesign their entire web strategy, with powerful results.

  • Annual donation revenue doubled.
  • PAWS was featured in an HBO documentary about shelters and rescues.
  • Web traffic is up 4.7x, and mobile traffic is 27x higher.
What you’ve done for PAWS... the word "life changing" comes to mind.- Kelly Parker, PAWS New England

Harvard Business School: Digital Initiative

Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative is focused on studying & shaping the digital transformation of the economy. They needed an easy way to keep students connected to the curriculum and share emerging trends.

  • Reduced load time by 500%.
  • Integrated API content feeds into WordPress for fast, one-click publishing.
  • Added numerous accessibility enhancements to ensure everyone can access their content, regardless of their capabilities.
Chris is the kind of partner that, once you wrap up work with him, you’ll start trying to think of reasons you’ll need to hire him back.- Adrienne Debigare, Harvard Business School

Work Experience


University of Rhode Island

  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, 2006
  • Master of Science, Human Resources, 2009