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Release the Kraken!

Over the last weeks, I’ve been working on a collection of lightweight tools for front-end web developers that are designed to work together.

They’re kind of like Legos for people who make things for the web. Mix-and-match tools to fit the needs of your project. Kraken A mobile-first boilerplate featuring a responsive grid, a thoughtfully designed typographic scale, CSS3 buttons, and form styling.

Kraken for WordPress Essential templates, useful functions, and styling for a few WordPress-specific classes.

Origami The grid from Kraken, and nothing else.

Astro A collection of mobile-first navigation patterns, with optional collapse-and-expand toggle menus on smaller screens.

Drop Mobile-friendly dropdown menus. Integrates nicely with Astro.

Tabby Progressively-enhanced toggle tabs.

Houdini A simple collapse-and-expand widget. Now you see it. Now you don’t.

FlexSlider 2 A responsive, touch-enabled image carousel. Modified from the fantastic WooThemes FlexSlider for better usability and integration with Kraken.

Snapshot Simple image styling.

Tables Simple table styling.

Go make something awesome! You can find more of my web projects on GitHub…