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Release the Kraken! (version 7)

A screenshot of Kraken 7

Yesterday, I quietly released version 7 of Kraken, my lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate for front-end web developers.

So… what’s new?

What’s new in version 7?

Switched to Normalize.css
Meyer's CSS reset is great, but it can create styling issues when doing things like inlining critical path CSS. Normalize.css is a lightweight alternative that nudges and tweaks browser styles instead of resetting everything to zero.
Table Styles
In previous versions of Kraken, table styling was an optional add-on. Now, they're baked right in, and include CSS-only responsive tables for smaller viewports.
Search Form Styling
Kraken now includes classes for custom search form styles.
Switched to LibSass
Now that LibSass supports most Sass 3 APIs, it's time to make the switch. This gets you faster builds, and no Ruby dependency.
Removed directionless space nudge-and-tweak classes
The .no-margin and .no-padding classes are gone. You should use .no-margin-padding, .no-margin-bottom, and so on to suite your needs.

Download it today on GitHub.