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Release the Kraken! (version 7)

A screenshot of Kraken 7

Yesterday, I quietly released version 7 of Kraken, my lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate for front-end web developers.

So… what’s new?

What’s new in version 7? #

Switched to Normalize.css
Meyer’s CSS reset is great, but it can create styling issues when doing things like inlining critical path CSS. Normalize.css is a lightweight alternative that nudges and tweaks browser styles instead of resetting everything to zero.
Table Styles
In previous versions of Kraken, table styling was an optional add-on. Now, they’re baked right in, and include CSS-only responsive tables for smaller viewports.
Search Form Styling
Kraken now includes classes for custom search form styles.
Switched to LibSass
Now that LibSass supports most Sass 3 APIs, it’s time to make the switch. This gets you faster builds, and no Ruby dependency.
Removed directionless space nudge-and-tweak classes
The .no-margin and .no-padding classes are gone. You should use .no-margin-padding, .no-margin-bottom, and so on to suite your needs.

Download it today on GitHub.

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