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Products, tools, and services that I like and use.

Vanilla JavaScript Plugins

  • Vanilla FitText.js. Create scalable headlines that fill the width of a parent element.
  • Egg.js. Add hidden easter eggs to your site with keystroke combinations.
  • PhotoSwipe. An amazing photo gallery plugin.
  • Swiper. Rich touch-supported sliders.
  • Hammer. A complex touch gesture support library.
  • Sortable. Create sortable, interactive lists.
  • FluidVids. Add true responsive support to your video embeds.
  • loadJS. Asynchronously loading JavaScript files.
  • loadCSS. Asynchronously loading CSS files.

CSS Components

Design & Build Tools

  • Sublime Text. The best text editor money can buy.
  • Gulp. Automate all of the annoying stuff.
  • Sass. CSS with superpowers.
  • Oh My Zsh. Make the terminal window better.
  • Git Open. Make working with Git in terminal faster.
  • Sketch. The best graphic design tool. Period.
  • Color Oracle. A free color blindness simulator for Window, Mac and Linux.
  • Sip. A simple, beautiful color picker.
  • ImageOptim. Make images load a lot faster.

Podcasts & Screencasts

  • Screenflow. Screen recording, screencasting, and video editing software for Mac.
  • Yeti. A great sounding microphone.
  • Evom. Drag-and-drop file conversion.
  • Tagr. ID3 tag editing made simple.

WordPress Plugins

  • GitHub Updater. Automatically update your plugins and themes directly from GitHub.
  • JetPack. Add a ton of useful features, including markdown support, automated backups, and automatic plugin updates.
  • Manual Control for JetPack. Prevent JetPack from automatically enabling new features when you update the plugin.
  • Contact Form 7. An amazing, super flexible contact form plugin for WordPress.
  • SMTP Postman. Ensure that your website-generated emails actually make it to your inbox.
  • Easy Digital Downloads. The best way to sell stuff on WordPress.
  • Comet Cache. The easiest way to make your website really fast.

Web Hosting

DigitalOcean offers lightning fast, incredible affordable web hosting. I also use ServerPilot to automate server configuration and management.

Namecheap provides affordable, bullshit-free domain registration.

(The DigitalOcean link above is an affiliate link that gets you a free $10 credit to try them out.)


Piwik is a free, open-source analytics platform that gives you complete ownership over your data.

Email Hosting

G Suite from Google Cloud makes custom email hosting insanely easy.

Email Marketing

MailChimp makes email marketing a little less sucky.