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Real Life: The Hot New Social Network

Today, I want to tell you about a brand new, retro-inspired social network I’m starting.

It’s called Real Life, and you can join starting today.


At the heart of Real Life are your Friends.

Friends aren’t people you haven’t seen since kindergarten or met randomly at a party two years ago. They’re people you actually hang out with.

You can have various groups of friends - BFFs, family, coworkers - but we don’t make you categorize them. Real Life is a lot more fluid than that.


The main way you interact with your Friends in Real Life is through Events.

Events involve doing things with your Friends. You can plan an Event by sending an email or text message. Or, you can take advantage of our awesome retro feature, the phone call.

Once you’ve scheduled an Event, add it to your Calendar in Google, Outlook, or your fridge. Then, on the day and time of the Event, go!


Events end up creating lots of great (and sometimes regrettable) Memories.

In Real Life, you can easily share those Memories with your Friends using the same tools you use to plan Events - email, text and our awesome retro phone call feature.

One of our other cool retro features is known as The Wall. On The Wall, you can post photos of your Memories in what we call Picture Frames.

Through our API, you can also share Memories on other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


We understand privacy is important.

Don’t want to share an Event or Memory with one of your Friends? Don’t! No special settings required.

It’s that simple.

Getting Started

By now, you’ve probably realized that Real Life is poised to be the hottest new social network on the scene. Because social networks are pointless if your friends can’t join them, Real Life is open invite.

Want to join? Here’s how!

  1. Email, text or call a Friend and invite them to an Event.
  2. Add the Event to your Calendar (and make sure they do, too).
  3. On the day and time of the Event, go.
  4. After the event, share your Memories.
  5. Repeat Step 1.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!