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QR codes that are actually useful

I generally dislike QR codes.

If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a weird looking square barcode that you scan by taking a photo with your smart phone. Using a special app, the QR code can take you to a website, add contact info to your phone or more.

Sounds good. So why do I dislike them? Because they generally seem like an afterthought tossed onto packaging to fill empty space.

Tesco Korea's brilliant use of QR codes

Supermarket chain Tesco Korea has used QR codes in a brilliant way. Their challenge: Become the number one grocery store in Korea without increasing the number of stores.

Tesco recreated an entire grocery store with signage in Korean subways. The layout and items were identical to those in their actual stores. Each item was labeled with a QR code. People waiting for their train could simply scan the QR codes to add items to their list, and have them delivered while they ride the train.

Tesco sales increased 130% without adding a single store. Brilliant!

Hat tip to pinch/zoom