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Predictions for the year 2000

Yesterday I came across What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years, a fantastic article found in the archives of Ladies Home Journal from the year 1900.

Click the image to read the full article. My thoughts below.


I find it fascinating how accurate some of the technology predictions are:

  • Instant, full-color photographs.
  • New York to England in two days (try 6 hours).
  • Global connectivity by phone and video - a pretty accurate prediction of the internet and mobile revolution.
  • Planes and satellites, though mostly for military purposes.
  • High-speed trains.

Also noteworthy - and I believe a natural element of even most modern “predictions for the future” articles - is this perception that many of life’s ills would be resolved.

Everyone would be incredibly fit and healthy. Fruits and vegetables will be huge and grown anywhere. University education will be top-notch and free (admittedly, this is true in many regards - just not at the university level). Cities will be quiet.

In case your wondering if this article is real, after some digging I found it posted on the Ladies Home Journal website, so I’m assuming it is. Hat tip to Letters of Note.