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Positioning Crash Course

This is not an article about CSS positioning.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people recently about the difficulty of finding clients. The coronavirus has only made the problem the worse.

My friend Jonathan Stark recently ran a free positioning crash course webcast that’s available to watch on replay any time.

If you run your own business, you want to go watch this!

Why positioning matters

When I started Go Make Things, I hired Jonathan as a business coach.

He’s the guy who helped me refine my business from “general web development” to “vanilla JS.” He’s also the one who told me to call myself “the Vanilla JS guy” when introducing myself to people.

After two years of taking his advice, I can confidently say: it worked!

Shout out to Chris Ferdinandi's blog that keeps coming up whenever I google anything vanilla JS. Nice little tips every day.- Wes Bos

If you’re at all like I was when I started (and like most freelancers I meet), you probably do bit of everything.

Unfortunately, there are so many other people just like you. Narrowing what you do (to the point that it feels uncomfortably narrow) can actually help you get more work.

And the best part, you can still do that other stuff, too. The specialty is just a foot in the door.

Learn more about positioning

To get started, go watch Jonathan’s crash course. He also has a ton of free and paid resources on his website.

Another incredible person who helps people with positioning is Philip Morgan.

He has a different vibe than Jonathan. His advice overlaps with Jonathan’s in some ways, and differs in others, and they’re a great compliment to each other. I’m grateful to call Philip a friend as well.

Neither Jonathan nor Philip’s advice will instantly unlock a tsunami of clients for you. But they will help you get off the feast-or-famine hamster wheel and build more resilient businesses.