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Password rules are bullshit

This post about passwords from Coding Horror reminds us that most password rules are bullshit.

The two things that matter:

  1. Longer is always better.
  2. Don’t let users create obviously bad passwords, like:
    • Those that are on the top 50 or 100 most used password lists.
    • Their email address.
    • Their user name.
    • The URL of the site.

That said, they also pick apart the length requirement in a world of unicode:

No, seriously, it does. I’ll go so far as to say your password is too damn short. These days, given the state of cloud computing and GPU password hash cracking, any password of 8 characters or less is perilously close to no password at all.

So then perhaps we have one rule, that passwords must not be short. A long password is much more likely to be secure than a short one … right?

What about this four character password?


I’m going to be updating how WordPress for Web Apps handles password requirements based on some of this.