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Shout out to Chris Ferdinandi’s blog that keeps coming up whenever I google anything vanilla JS. Nice little tips every day.- Wes Bos
Your daily emails have proven invaluable to me - its almost like you’re reading my JS todo list.- Daniel Deverell
This educational JavaScript newsletter is the best daily learning resource that I get in my inbox each morning.- Steve Bogucki
[One of the] absolute webdev blogging MVP’s of 2018- Chris Coyier
Mr. Chris Ferdinandi’s Daily Developer Tips is so good. Bite-sized, vanilla JS, plain-spoken. I learn a lot from em.- Dave DeSandro
This email list from Chris Ferdinandi is hands down the best email list I’ve ever signed up for. EVER. I reference it regularly with all my project teams as an example of how value should be provided. Go sign up, it’s gold.- Matt Queen