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My favorite resource for learning CSS

I often get asked if I have any recommended resources for learning CSS.

Just around this time last year, I asked my readers for suggestions. Then, I rounded them up and published them in an article.

But if you were to ask me that same question today, I would immediately point you to Steve Griffith’s Learning CSS series on YouTube.

I love Steve’s videos for a few reasons. They have a really nice progression from the basics (how to load styles into a page, basic syntax) to intermediate topics (CSS layout) into advanced stuff (animations, pseudo properties). Steve takes his time explaining topics in a way that’s really approachable for people who are just learning.

And honestly, a big part of the appeal is how calming and soothing his voice is. I told Steve that I think he’s the Bob Ross of coding, and apparently I’m not the first person who’s said that.

I learned CSS before I learned JavaScript. I’ve been using it a long time. I still learned some things from Steve’s videos.

If CSS is something you’ve been wanting to learn, go check out the playlist on YouTube.