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MOOCs Redux

As a follow-up to my post the other week on Massively Open Online Courses (aka MOOCs), Time Magazine ran an article on them that contained this insight…

This fall, to glimpse the future of higher education, I visited classes in brick-and-mortar colleges and enrolled in half a dozen MOOCs. I dropped most of the latter because they were not very good. Or rather, they would have been fine in person, nestled in a 19th century hall at Princeton University, but online, they could not compete with the other distractions on my computer.

That’s not to say that MOOCs can’t or won’t be succesful, but that many of them - including many of the elearnings and webinars I’ve been to - just aren’t well designed for remote, digital consumption.

Which begs the question, what does a well designed elearning look like? What do you think?