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Master JavaScript in 2022 (and save a bunch of money)

If you want to learn JavaScript in 2022 (or take your skills to the next level), all of my JavaScript learning resources are 40-percent off from now through New Year’s Day.

  • If you prefer self-paced learning, my video courses and ebooks are a great choice. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of a topic in about an hour.
  • For a more deep and immersive experience, a new session of my workshop series starts in January. You’ll work on a series of projects that build on each other, connect with other learners, and get to interact with me directly on Slack and during video office hours.

You’ll also get $436 in free bonuses if you register for Academy or purchase one of the pocket guide bundles (in ebook format, video series, or both).

  • Watch me live-code vanilla JS projects with the Vanilla JS Live-Code Series. Follow along, try it yourself first, or dig into the completed source code for over a dozen projects. Valued at $239.
  • Get hands-on learning with real projects with the Project Bundle. You get starter templates, helpful tips and resources, and step-by-step tutorials. Valued at $119.
  • Learn how to build insanely fast WordPress sites Wicked Fast Websites. You’ll learn how to measure performance, reduce page weight, and make simple server optimizations. Valued at $39.
  • Learn how to write resumes that get seen by an actual human, navigate the interview process, and more with my Web Developer Career Guide. Valued at $39.

Let’s make 2022 the year you take your JS skills to the next level!