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Mankind is no island

First, watch this video:

This video got me thinking… not necessarily about anything I’ve not thought about before, but the imagery is powerful.

Next time I walk by a homeless man, perhaps rather than looking away, or even giving him money, I should ask, “What is it that you really need?” It could be money. It could be a coat, or a blanket, or a sleeping bag. Maybe is a sandwich. Or maybe it’s just someone to talk to.

Imagine what a big impact on one person’s life you could have if you took just a half hour or hour out of your day to stop and ask someone, “What is it that you really need?” Imagine yourself grabbing a sub at the local sandwich shop and just talking for a short while. Or picture yourself walking into a store to buy someone a new coat. Or giving them the one off your back, because as nice as it is, they need it more.

Imagine a world where people genuinely cared about each other.

If I’m being honest, I probably won’t do those things. Because it’s scary. What if he attacks me? What if she’s on drugs? What if it’s awkward?

What do you think?

PS: If you’re in the Boston area, the Pine Street Inn does phenomenal work for the local homeless community.