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Make something you love

The incredible web-loving peoples behind Brooklyn Beta (Analog and Fictive Kin) just introduced Summer Camp, one of the most badass ideas I’ve heard in a long time.

(Apologies for the excessive links and run on sentence above. Lots of love to go around on this one!)

Summer Camp aims to help designer-developer teams build the next generation of web products and change the world. Here’s how it works…

Brooklyn Beta gives your team $25,000 in exchange for 6% of your company. You spend 12 weeks building your product, and then you demo your product twice. The first demo is to a group of the best investors around. The second is to the lovely attendees of Brooklyn Beta. There is much rejoicing... We are hoping to back big ideas looking to make a real impact. Don’t just make something for your peers. Build something that fixes the insanity of modern education. Or helps people weather the upcoming financial crises and rise in unemployment. Or improves the health of people around the world. Or brings neighbors closer together. Or helps people run small businesses. Or strengthens the bonds of families. Or puts existing abusive, mammoth institutions out of business (pretty please).

Head over to Brooklyn Beta to apply. And for a good laugh, read the entire FAQ. I’m positive it was written by Fictive Kin’s hilarious Cameron Koczon.